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I received a lot of help and support during the process of writing this first book.  I needed it.  And, I appreciate every bit of it.  My wife and children were very supportive.  Without this foundation I would never have started.  I love them all a great deal.

I appreciate all the editorial and plot line ideas I received from a variety of sources.  At work, I asked several colleagues familiar with the army to read the drafts of the book and provide me with comments.  I’m lucky to work in a fantastic environment with a number of outstanding and talented people whom I admire and trust.  Ed, Patrick, Bill, Mike, Jim, and Jeri-Lyn—your support and comments were invaluable in shaping this tale.  Thank you very much.  I’m equally lucky in living in a great neighborhood with wonderful friends as my neighbors.  I also asked several to comment on the book.  Susan, Chris, Jim, Neva, and Ken—your insights and support were warmly received and appreciated.  Thank you.  Finally, I asked several of my West Point classmates to read the manuscript.  Here I will refer to them by their nicknames, so Dirt, Dog, Rathead, and Muck (or as their mothers call them, Gary, Doug, Jim, and Keith)—thanks for your kind words and support.  It helped me a great deal.

Finally, I want to acknowledge a friend who was, in many ways, my inspiration.  Bill Foster was my boss and my friend.  He was killed in January 2010 when his private plane crashed.   In our work together, we spent a lot of time on the road, so I got to know him well.  His pursuit of his dreams inspired me to pursue mine.  The protagonist in my book is named Bill in his honor.  He’s my friend and I miss him.

I received lots of sound advice; any errors in the book are mine alone.

Mike Smith – April 2010.

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