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Coming soon to an internet bookstore near you . . .

Coming soon to an internet bookstore near you . . .

A few months ago I started telling friends and acquaintances that I was working on a novel in my spare time.  Their support was encouraging and a little surprising . . . and really cool.   It started as more of a hobby than a serious effort at writing, but the more I wrote, the more I wanted to finish it, which I did around the beginning of 2010.

So, in July my debut novel, backazimuth, will hit the streets.  The sequel will be released in early 2011.  If these are successful, the third book in the series will come out in 2012.  As the book cover says, “Backazimuth is a gripping military thriller about a jaded army officer whose unconventional code of honor sets him on a dangerous path to vengeance, from which there can be no turning back.”   The book is set in Saudi Arabia in the days immediately before Desert Storm in February of 1991.

The process of writing the book was an artistic endeavor that I enjoyed immensely.  Publishing, on the other hand, is a business process which I am working to master.  Backazimuth is being published through Amazon and its publishing subsidiary, CreateSpace.  It will be available through several sources, like my website (,, and for the Kindle also on  Brick and mortar book stores may also carry the book, based on the buzz created.

Right now, the cover is being designed and the interior design being completed.  When that is done, the book will be sent to Foreward Clarion Review for an independent review.   I’ll put the reviews on the web as soon as I get them.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I’ll soon have a fan page on FaceBook as well as Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.   Obviously I’m telling you about this so you can help me spread the word and create some interest.  Over the next weeks I’ll be adding to this site with more articles and information.    Thank you in advance for your support and feedback.

Mike Smith – April 2010.

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  1. Gary Hale says:

    Who is your villain and how did you get the inspiration for him?

  2. Mike Smith says:

    Gary, an excellent question. There are actually several antagonists that Slade has to deal with in the book. In truth he has an adversarial relationship with his boss – the Old Man, his peer – Eastman, and an old friend – Napier, and ultimately with the primary antagonist. For the National Training Center based story to work, the hidden main antagonist had to be someone in power at the NTC, and someone who had a past connection to Slade. I didn’t model these characters on any particular person. In fact, I used movie actors as my mental template for creating them. My next article is about which actors and movie roles I had in my head when I wrote about each of the novel’s characters.

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