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What’s the cover art all about?

What’s the cover art all about?

at 12:31 pm

Over the past weeks, this question has come up dozens of times. So, here’s the story of the cover. In short, it’s a visual illustration of a backazimuth.

Some people would call the chain of events an accident, I prefer to think of them as opportunity meeting preparation (and maybe a little by accident). While traveling in the west, I serendipitously discovered the photograph of the moon over the desert. It floored me when I first saw it – I stood in front of it for five minutes with my mouth agape. It was perfect. I had to have it – and I got it.

I gave it to the cover designers at CreateSpace, who are fantastic. I told them I wanted a visual or graphic way to depict the concept of a backazimuth, but couldn’t think of a way to do that. And, I loved this photograph. It was a challenge I gave them.

Their concept was to put a photographic negative of the true color photo on the cover with a corner of the photo ripped away revealing the true color image beneath it. The negative is the opposite (or backazimuth) of the true color image. Just as north and south are the opposite (and backazimuth) to each other, white and black is each the opposite of the other. The designers then added the clever compass with the 180 degree dotted red line as another graphical depiction of a backazimuth. Voila. A visual depiction of a backazimuth.

The image also hints at the mystery in the plot and within the characters – where what looks to be white is actually black and vice versa.

Backazimuth, a Novel

An illustration of a backazimuth

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