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By Rod Norville

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ISBN: 1933255498
EAN: 9781933255491
ASIN: 1933255498
Publisher: Dna Press
Publication Date: 2009-09-01
Number of Pages: 230
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Taking position around the barriers of time, this riveting, romantic experience asserts the plausibility of time commute via medical truth as Dr. Greg Philips travels down a twisting highway to correct a negative mistaken from his prior. After being engaged via the U.S. govt to scientifically validate out-of-body remote-viewing espionage, Dr. Philips unintentionally creates a mini black gap, which he then becomes a time-travel automobile. Explaining in complete aspect the operation and layout of the transmission electron microscope used to make the black gap in addition to introducing the technological know-how of holographic conception, astral projection, and Heisenberg's Uncertainty precept, this exciting and informative learn is ideal for any pupil of technology in addition to for fans of technological know-how fiction, romance, and suspense.

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Greg steered the boat into the grassy slope of the island and stepped out. They selected a wild, grass-covered area in the middle of several palms that provided modest cover from the shore and spread the blanket and emptied the contents of the shopping bag. He’d purchased a chilled bottle of champagne, glasses, napkins, knife, crackers, and cheddar cheese. emily tucked her skirt under her knees and knelt to open the cheese. ” “Ken and david outfitted a world-class scientific laboratory, including a new electron microscope but had no success.

He hesitated, and waited for a skinny young man and a broad-shouldered adult to finish. The young man zipped up and turned toward the sinks. Greg 44 A Man Beyond Time froze. it was his living image from another time! The broad-shouldered man turned and scrutinized Greg carefully with a predator’s eye. it was the stranger from the de Anza Hotel lobby. Greg spun around and fled the room. He returned to the table and quickly gathered up his bill, perfunctorily helped emily into her coat and hustled her toward the cash register.

I’m not familiar with those technologies. ” Greg interrupted and opened the car door. ” “of course! i want to get to the bottom of this. There may be a connection between you two you’re unaware of. you’re going to have to meet him and see for yourself. ” Greg started the car. “i don’t know what my seeing him would accomplish, but i’ll pick you up tomorrow. Same time, same place. ” They sat in silence during the drive to her home. Greg pulled up in front of an old Victorian house with white clapboard sides and yellow and brown trim in a working class section.

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