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This advisor will turn out an outstanding support to companies in offering the pratical recommendation that might allow them to grasp the paintings of logistics so it may be used to their most sensible company virtue

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Viii) Live storage:. the storage units are moved to permit access to others. Used where storage space is at a premium. Floor space is saved at the expense of a slowing down in the pick operation. Suitable for storing items such as files, records, small featurised assemblies, etc. ix) Conveyor storage for buffer storage of work-in- progress items. Primarily used for line-balancing. Short sections of conveyor are used within the production process to regulate the flow of work items between work centres.

7 • OPPORTUNITIES and CONSTRAINTS in MATERIALS HANDLING package in quantities of user demand Vendors/Suppliers Goods Inward 1. I • modular/replicable Storage & • economic automation Disburse Business Area point of use packaging designed for - standard containers - specific orientation - mech handling/ident'n - manual handling - reutilisation parts designed for handling no Receiving Inspection no storage > 1 day min number of operations min travel distances no repack/count no double handling • supplier delivery to the point of use • inter-process synchronisation • min number of ops • min travel distances • no storage • product designed for - handling/auto pack -autoplug/assy/test • min number of parts per product • 3-d use of space • balanced production • in line inspection • handle once between ops - no double handling 2.

This is normally created by either the production control or distribution control programs. iii) Vertical Carousal or Paternoster Vertical carousels, operating under software control, are used as live storage in flexible manufacturing systems for small assemblies. The production control program determines the item and pick quantity. The carousel rotates to bring the correct box to the picking level. The picker is guided to the correct selection point by a visual display unit. iv) Robot Forked robot transporters can pick up a load from the floor and deposit it on the floor or in and out of standard pallet racks automatically.

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