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Vesley, and Mrs. Booth—who turned her from a being math hater into an engineer; and to Dan’s math teachers—Br. Leahy, Mr. Cleary, Fr. Shea, and Mrs. Newell—you saw past him getting his head stuck in the door and put the first draft of this book in motion so many years ago.... And last but not least, thanks to Vinny and Nick—the first two projects that Dan and Tracey worked on together— who put up with a lot of “Daddy and Mommy have a call” and learned more Algebra than any preschooler or kindergartner should know.

The sales tax we figured out earlier... ed warranty. and the extend n - you had all thse ow kn un e th s wa s hi wa T n. You knew there ve other informatioJo was going to ha to some price that with that console, and pay to walk out own! that was the unkn Algebra is about solving for unknowns Algebra is about finding the missing information that you’re looking for by using the information you already have. The unknown could be the cost of a car loan, the quantity of soda you need, or how high you can throw a water balloon.

Does it make sense for her to buy the subscription? 32 = x + Some unknown number of games... = 10 games... 7 games... What we really care about here is what x is—the unknown number of games. We don’t really care about the seven games on the left side of the equation. In fact, we can get rid of that seven as long as we make sure we do the same thing to both sides of the equation. We’re going to jump right into the equation without the sentence. If it helps, you can write it out, but just thinking about the equation in words first should be enough to help.

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