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By Alton Meister

Ribonuclease P: An Enzyme with a Catalytic RNA Subunit (S. Altman).

rules of Escherichia coli Glutamine Synthetase (S. Rhee, et al.).

Glucose 6-Phosphatase: ideas of Membrane-Function dating (K. Sukalski & R. Nordlie).

Chiral Phosphorothioates: Stereochemical research of Enzymatic Substitution at Phosphorus (P. Frey).

Serotonin and Peptide Immunoneuromodulators: contemporary Discoveries and New rules (D. Silverman & M. Karnovsky).

The Phosphyglycerate Mutases (L. Fothergill-Gilmore & H. Watson).

Mechanism and legislation of the Glutamine-Dependent Carbamyl Phosphate Synthetase of Escherichia coli (A. Meister).

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CHOCK AND E. STADTMAN monia with diverse biosynthetic processes which ultimately lead to the formation of proteins, nucleic acids, complex polysaccharides, and different coenzymes. In view of its role, GS is expected to undergo rigorous cellular control; for this reason the enzyme has been the subject of numerous studies (for reviews, see references 2-7). Extensive investigation of the Escherichiu coli GS has revealed a number of important regulatory mechanisms. These include the cumulative feedback control (2), regulation by a cyclic cascade mechanism (7,8), oxidative inactivation of enzyme and intracellular protein turnover (9,10), and the control of protein synthesis (4).

Experimental data (34) show a yield of 32% and 23% for the tetramer and hexamer, respectively. These low percentages observed are expected because the samples used contained significant amounts of larger oligomers, which should give lower recovered activities. In the case of octamer and decamer, addition of 2-mercaptoethanol produced essentially no enhancement in enzymic activity, as would be expected for an interfacial active center model. 44 S. RHEE,P. CHOCK AND E. STADTMAN B. ADENYLYLATEDANDDEADENYLYLATEDFORMS Glutamine synthetase from E .

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