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By Lihui Jin, Yutian Wang, Guorui Wang (auth.), David Jin, Sally Lin (eds.)

This ebook contains the amount 1 of the court cases of the 2012 foreign convention on Mechanical and digital Engineering(ICMEE2012), held at June 23-24,2012 in Hefei, China. The convention supplied an extraordinary chance to compile around the globe researchers who're operating within the fields. This quantity 1 is targeting Mechanical Engineering and Automation in addition to motor vehicle Engineering and expertise.

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Beijing (2007) 7. : A kind of mobile robot movement control methods study. J. The Modern Electronic Technology 22 (2007) 8. : 6R type spraying robot’s kinematics analysis and simulation. J. cn Abstract. A new method based on multi-cues fusion of electronic images is proposed to achieve the task of robots estimation in this paper. The method has a premise that the robot is moving on locally planar ground, which is reasonable in indoor environments. To meet the acquirement of real-time and accurateness, the proposed method integrates KLT and SIFT features of electronic digital images to achieve mobile robots speed estimation effectively and accurately.

Three dimensional entity modeling and finite element analysis’s relations. Electronic Mechanical Engineering 18(3), 21–22 (2002) 3. , pp. 135–156. Chinese Railroad Publishing company (2001) 20 H. Liu and J. Ma 4. : Modeling identification and control of Pneulnatically actoated robot. In: Proceedings of the 1997 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA, Partl(of4), Albuquerque, April 20-25, pp. 124–127. IEEE, Plscataway (1997) 5. : The new numerical control engine bed attire clamps the manipulator design and the analysis, pp.

Lead in the actual experiment test data, carries on the comparison with the hypothesized simulation result. After determining the model basic movement through the preliminary simulation, might join a more complex unit in the model, joined the friction in the pair of element, with the linear equation or the general equation definition control system, joined the flexible bridge piece and so on, caused the model and the real system is more approximate. Carry on the parameter analysis to the model, the optimized design.

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