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Photonics is a severely vital expertise. It enhances maturing micro-electronics to create new instructions that affects a wide-ranging array of different industries. From a fabrics viewpoint, this know-how makes use of primarily the entire sessions of fabrics and seeks to hybridize them to create new units. those complaints exhibit the transformation of photonics from a telecom-aligned know-how to a wider sphere of applications.Content:

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The lens thickness is 40 urn since only one layer of microlens array pattern was printed. 28 cm. Shorter focal length can be achieved by increasing the number of printed layers of microlens array pattern. The theoretical focal length is calculated to be 276 urn for a micronlens with the same alumina concentration and lens diameter but with lens thickness of 600 urn. The focal length of each microlens in a micrlens array can be changed as desired since the lens thickness of each microlens can be controlled individually by S-3DP A He-Ne laser source with wavelength of 633 nm was shined perpendicularly to the gratings.

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