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By Narottam P. Bansal, Jonathan Salem, Dongming Zhu

Papers from the yankee Ceramic Society's thirty first foreign convention on complex Ceramics and Composites, held in Daytona seashore, Florida, January 21-26, 2007. content material comprises papers on fresh technical development through nationwide laboratories, universities and personal industries on sturdy oxide gasoline cellphone expertise together with SOFC part fabrics, processing, cell/stack fabrication and layout, electrochemical functionality and balance, long term chemical interactions, interface engineering, modeling, try out systems and function analysis.Content:

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I-V and I-P characteristics of the cube at 500°C, 550'C and 600'C when the anode gas was 150ccm H2. Figure 8 shows the I-V and I-P characteristics of the cube at 600°C. The anode gas was humidified 100ccmH~+100ccmN~ and the cathode gas was changed to various flow rates. The OCV was higher than the previous case (1 50ccmH2), because the flow rate of the anode gas was less and then the heating value was less. When the cathode gas was 450ccmO~+l800ccmN~, the anode gas were 625'C and 603'C, temperatures for 15OccmH2 and 100ccmH~+100ccmN~ respectively.

The coated t i h s were dried in air, and co-sintered at 1400 OC for 1 h in air. The anode tubes with electrolyte were, again, dip-coated with a cathode sluny. which uas prepared in the same manner using Lw&OJCoOzFeOs01, (LSCF) (Seimi Chemical. co.. ), the GDC powder, and organic ingredients. After dip-coated, the tubes bere dried and sintered at 1000 'C for 1 h in air to complete a cell. 8 mm. The appearance of complete cells was shown in Fig. 1(b). The microstructure of the tubular cells was observed by using SEM (JEOL.

4) was simulated using electrical circuit simulation tool (PSpice 1 0 . 5 ) . This equivalent circuit was built up by connecting the sliced honeycomb units with 1 mm thickness in Z-axis direction, which composed o f material ohmic resistances and cell (electrochemical) resistance. Advances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 111 . 51 Developmentof Honeycomb-Like SOFC Integrated with Multi Micro Cells As terminals to collect a current, the one is the honeycomb body, and the other one is the honeycomb end face connected with electrode layers inside the channels.

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