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Abhinavagupta propound his Aesthetic philosophy in mild of his Tantric philosophy. Tantrism is non-dualistic because it holds the lifestyles of 1 truth, the attention. This one fact, the awareness, is manifesting itself within the a variety of sorts of knower and recognized. in line with Tantrism the total means of construction and dissolution happens in the nature of cognizance. within the related approach he has propounded 'Rasadvaita darsana' the Non-dualistic philosophy of Aesthetics. The Rasa, the cultured adventure, lies within the recognition, is skilled by means of the realization, and in a manner, it itself is experiencing nation of recognition. As in Tantric metaphysics, one Tattva, Siva, manifests itself within the varieties of different Tattvas, so the single Rasa, the Santa, assumes the sorts of different Rasas, the Santa, assumes the sorts of different Rasas and eventually dissolves in itself.
The current booklet strains and explains the connecting issues, the working threads, among Abhinavagupta's Tantric philosophy o truth and Aesthic Philosophy logically, philosophically and critically.
It can't be stated categorically that Abhinavagupta propounded his aesthetic theories to help or to turn out his Tantric philosophy however it could be stated certainly that he expounded his aesthetic philosophy in gentle of his Tantric philosophy. Tantrism is non-dualistic because it holds the life of 1 fact, the attention. This one in every of knower and recognized. in keeping with Tantrism the full international of manifestation is manifesting out of itself (consciousness) and is manifesting in itself. the full technique of construction and dissolution happens in the nature of recognition. within the comparable method he has propounded Rasadvaita Darsana, the Non-dualistic philosophy of Aesthetics. The Rasa, the classy event, lies within the attention, is skilled via the recognition and

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According to Kashmir Saivism there is unity in knower, knowledge and the known. Knowledge is the nature of the knower and the known resides in knowledge, it is not different from the knowledge. The knower manifests himself in the form of the known. Kashmir Saivism maintains non-dualism in the epistemology also. Advaita-Vedanta is also non-dualistie system but it holds knowl­ edge to be. vastutantra. According to this school, in the state of non-dualism the activity of knowledge is not possible, as there is nothing different from the knower to know.

2 According to Advaita-vedanta knowledge is vastutantra (object oriented) whereas in Kashmir Saivism it is purusa-tantra (subject oriented). 3 Being even in the form of soul Siva is ultimate A / reality. In its ultimate nature Siva is inderscribable. Being of the form of consciousness Siva has no form or figure as the matter 3T3TSW Pftq 3T fafo 3T fotsfa 2. , 1/1/2. , 3/1/1. 3. tfa 3Uc^Pkl=b

It does not accept the independent existence of matter (jada). According to this system the consciousness mani­ fests itself in the various forms of individual beings and the matter (jada) or the world made of matter. In accord of the different characteristics of consciousness it has been called by different names. These different names of consciousness depict the different characteristics of consciousness, therefore the nature of conscious­ ness can be better understood by discussing in this perspective.

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