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The soviets relied on KgB information rather than gRu information. s. Central intelligence agency (Cia) was already providing some help to the anti-PdPa rebels. the american president Jimmy Carter had authorized the aid in a secret finding in July 1979. that was six months before the first soviet troops entered. S. influence in Afghanistan. Afghanistan was a nearby country, bordering the Central Asian Soviet republics of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. You could drive overland from Moscow to Kabul. In Afghanistan, the ruling PDPA had two factions, with the radical faction, the Khalq, running the country in 1978 and 1979.

Also, it seemed strange that Babrak Karmal of the moderate Parcham group got more Soviet support than Taraki and Amin, who had led the radical faction. As the Parcham coup took place, about 40,000 Soviet troops invaded the country. indd 16 9/13/10 11:17 AM Afghanistan’s history 17 organize the coup that put Karmal in power. Others concluded that the fight between the PDPA factions went on without outside interference. However, Karmal willingly accepted Soviet aid. After he took power, Soviet forces continued to flow into the country.

A small group of Brotherhood members, including one recruited by dr. zawahiri, assassinated President sadat in 1981. the government arrested zawahiri and imprisoned him with other members of the Brotherhood. even though the party has been banned in egypt, they continue to nominate candidates and have taken some seats in the egyptian parliament under the guise of being independent candidates. the ideas of the muslim Brotherhood, including hostility toward israel and western governments and insistence on enforcing sharia, have influenced other radical islamic groups around the world.

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