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By Isamu Nouchi (auth.), Kenji Omasa Ph.D., Hiharu Saji Ph.D., Shohab Youssefian Ph.D., Noriaki Kondo Ph.D. (eds.)

Air toxins is ubiquitous in industrialized societies, inflicting a number of environmental difficulties. it's hence necessary to computer screen and decrease toxins degrees. a couple of plant species already are being exploited as detectors (for phytomonitoring) and as scavengers (for phytoremediation) of air toxins. With advances in biotechnology, it really is now possible to change crops for a much broader diversity of phytomonitoring and phytoremediation functions. pollution and Plant Biotechnology offers fresh leads to this box, together with plant responses in the course of phytomonitoring, pollution-resistant plant species, imaging prognosis of plant responses, and using novel transgenic crops, besides stories of uncomplicated plant body structure and biochemistry the place acceptable. Researchers and scholars operating in plant biotechnology and the environmental sciences or contemplating new parts of research will locate this quantity a worthy reference.

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Reduction of Rubisco activity in 03-stressed plants is usualIy associated with a decrease in amount of Rubisco. A loss in Rubisco may also play an important role in the acceleration of premature senescence as Rubisco is a major leaf protein (Pell et al. 1994). Ozone was also found to reduce mRNA levels of both the smalI (rbcS) and large (rbcL) subunits of Rubisco which, in turn, lowered Rubisco levels within the chloroplast (PelI et aJ. 1994), and thus reduced the rate of CO 2 fixation and productivity.

1984a). Generally, the antagonistic response may occur at the low PAN concentration in the combination of PAN and 0 3• A Mixture of 0 3 + S02 + N0 2 is more realistic pollution than the combination of S02 and N0 2 • Turf grasses exposed to these gases at a concentration of 150 ppb each showed more foliar injury and greater reduction in leaf area compared with Responses of Whole Plants to Air Pollutants 29 exposures to the pollutants applied singly (Elkiey and Ormrod 1980). In addition, white clover was exposed to combinations of S02 (40 ppb) + N0 2 (40 ppb) + 0 3 (40 ppb + additional peaks of 2 X 3 h at 80 ppb and 1 X 1 h at 110 ppb per week) for 15 weeks.

J Am Soc Hortic Sci 105:664-668 Elstner EF (1987) Ozone and ethylene stress. Nature 328:482 Elstner EF, Osswald W, Youngman RJ (1985) Basic mechanisms of pigment bleaching and loss of structural resistance in spruce (Picea abies) needles: advances in phytomedical diagnostics. Experientia 41 :591 "597 Evans KS, Lewin KF, Cunningham EA, Patti MJ (1982) Effects of simulated acid rain on yields of field-grown crops. New Phytol 91 :429-441 Evans LS, Lewin KF, Patti MJ (1984) Effects of simulated acid rain on yields of fieldgrown soybeans.

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