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By Robin L. Dennis (auth.), Sven-Erik Gryning, Francis A. Schiermeier (eds.)

Role of Atmospheric types in pollution coverage and AbatementStrategies: Multipollutant Modeling and coverage: Dressing the Emperor and keeping off fake Paradigms; R.L. Dennis. Meteorological points of Ozone Episodes in Southern Ontario: A Mesoscale version research; R.S. Tangirala.Integrated neighborhood Modeling: Meteorological Modeling in Sydney, Australia: Case research of Smog occasion; P.J. Hurley, et al. Lake Breezes and Their influence on Groundlevel Ozone shipping over Southwestern Ontario and Southeastern Michigan; D.M.L. Sills, P.A.Taylor.Global and Longrange Transport: Sulfur Deposition in Asia: An evaluate of the current scenario and destiny eventualities; G.R.Carmichael, R.L. Arndt. the ecu lengthy diversity Tracer test (ETEX): initial review of version Intercomparison workout; G.Archer, et al.New Developments: Mesoscale Modeling of Clouds and Aerosol debris; A.I. Flossmann.Accidental Releases: Validation of a mixture of 2 versions for Longrange Tracer Simulations; J.Brandt, et al.Model evaluation and Verification: pollution in Coastal towns; D.G. Steyn.Poster Session: Use of the UB/NMC version for the Simulation of the Lifecycle of Chernobyl Radioactive Cloud; M.Dacic, B. Telenta. seventy four extra articles. Index.

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They also wish to thank Or. U. Neu, Bern, for his courageous work in editing the Final Report on the scientific evaluation ofthe experiment. REFERENCES I. H. Mayer and 1. Schmidt, Trendanalyse von Immissionsdaten in Baden-Wilrttemberg, LFU Karlsruhe, (1992). 2. N. Moussiopoulos, P. Sahm, Th. Flassak and D. Berlowitz, Simulations ofthe wind field in Athens with the nonhydrostatic mesoscale model MEMO, Environmental Software 8 29:42 (1993). 3. R. Kunz and N. Moussiopoulos, Simulation ofthe wind field in Athens using refined boundary conditions, Atmos.

I iod. 5 Stellar"la 1 Scenmrio 2 Figure 4. Reduction ofhours during which (a) 180 lIg1m3 and (b) 240 lIg1m3 are exceeded on July 25th, 26th and 27th, respectively, according to the different scenarios considered. m3 threshold only small differences to the base run could be found from the model results (Figure 4a). The reductions even lead to growing frequencies because of partly NO x determined chemics. m3 threshold (Figure 4b). m3 ozone are exceeded amount to 5,3% ofthe total area-hours on July 27th in the base run they are reduced to 3,7% respectively 4,0% by Scenario 1 and 2.

The effect of a more rigorous speed limit have not been studied up till now. To prevent high ozone concentrations measures should be taken as early as possible. To this purpose a real time prognostic model based on observations and meteorological forecast is needed. Moreover to perform most efficient industrial measures those VOCcomponents which show the highest ozone formation potential should be identified and purposefully be removed. REFERENCES l. EEC, Information Document concerning Air Pollution by Ozone.

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