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The former is considered to provide the foundation, while the latter supplies the three basic principles or laws governing how matters develop in a dialectical way: (1) the law of the transformation of quantity into quality, and vice versa; (2) the law of the interpenetration of opposites; and (3) the law of the negation of the negation. A key conception used in Hegel’s dialectical method is sublation (German Aufhebung) to characterize how to move from the opposition between two contraries (thesis and antithesis) to a synthesis of the two.

They claim that Chinese words in general share this ontological feature of combining universality and particularity, abstractness and concreteness, activity and the result of activity. g. Hall and Ames 1987) prefer to consider the relations of “parts” and “wholes” in terms of the “focus” and “field” model and take Chinese ontological views as holographic rather than mereological. Another way is to directly challenge the mass-noun hypothesis by arguing that there is a clear grammatical distinction in classical Chinese between count-nouns and other nouns (Harbsmeier 1989).

In sum, the dao is the ultimate source, unifying power, and fundamental principle of nature and the universe; it manifests itself through particular individual things. As highlighted in the opening passage of the Dao-DeJing, on the one hand, the dao is not absolutely beyond language delivery; rather, the dao can be talked about and captured in language, as Lao Zi’s own linguistic practice in the Dao-De-Jing shows. On the other hand, the dao that has been characterized in finite descriptions is not identical with, or does not exhaust, the eternal dao.

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