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By S. Supomo (auth.), S. Supomo (eds.)

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But the king knew what was in her mind causing her to act thus, and so he said to her kindly: 8 'My dearest, do not worry as to how this wonderful river can be dried up. Should you wish, my dear, even a vast ocean could be dried up. ' 9 However, my dearest, it is normally not possible for you to stand the sight of my appearance in wibhu form;* TRANSLATION 237 so therefore I will grant you the favour - so be it - that you will not fear my appearance. ' * 10 Thus spoke the king, then from the queen's presence he stepped, and stood at the edge of the awesome river.

12 It was indeed my fault that they were slain,* for this demon asked my hand time and again, but they steadfastly refused him. ' (Canto 13) 1 Thus she spoke gently. a replied: 'Dear anchoress, there is no need for this. It is indeed both foolish and base, my dear, to make your ardent desire to be ravished by the god Hari the sole goal for being an anchoress, 2 because he is a base, most ignominious god, who is not equal to one of my arms, even if I should only use the elbow. In other words, you should serve none, other than me, who am peerless in prowess, power and bravery, and have received gifts for completing ascetical exercises,* 3 I am in truth feared by the three worlds, and endowed with the highest supernatural power.

Ru1:_1a a flying swan; and Dhanapati became a chameleon, crawling on a tree, - he, most of all, for he knew how the wicked Da5amukha behaved. 4 Then Dasamukha challenged king Maruta to battle, and the latter courageously replied; 'Who are you, 0 impudent one bent on interrupting my sacrifice? ' Thus spoke Dasasya; king Maruta drew his excellent arrow, intending to shoot Dasamukha. (Canto 15) 1 As the king took his bow and aimed his flaming arrow, Sambarta, his teacher, spoke, barring him from fighting Riiwan:ta: 2 'It is very unlikely that you can withstand the attack of Rawa1,1a, for he is a powerful enemy.

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