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Книга Artillery of the realm Artillery of the area Книги Вооружение Автор: Christopher F. Foss Год издания: 1974 Формат: pdf Издат.:Ian Allan Ltd Страниц: 192 Размер: 32.57 ISBN: 0711005052 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:This publication comprises descriptions, drawings and images of artillery from world wide. contains box, self-propelled and towed, anti-tank, anti-aircraft, mortars and extra.

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Henschel Hs 129

Книга Henschel Hs 129 Henschel Hs 129 Книги Вооружение Автор: Petr Stachura Год издания: 1996 Формат: pdf Издат. :MBI Страниц: sixty two Размер: 27. eighty three ISBN: 8090126391 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Язык: чешский/английский (Czech/English)Famous Luftwaffe close-support/tank-busting aeroplane, in use solely by way of the Luftwaffe and the Royal Rumanian AF.

AR-15/M16 super systems

I recieved this ebook as a present from a relative who intended good, yet was once now not very gun savvy. ..

This ebook sufers from the 'need to place out one other identify syndrome. ' In impact, not anything during this publication is of worth- the transformations are flights of fancy or hack activity paintings. simple looking on the web will educate you extra approximately development or upgrading the AR-15 platform than this booklet. also, it really is rife with inaccuracies and/or undesirable recommendations to do differences to the AR-15.

Morevover, this publication is at the very least a decade and a part old-fashioned. some of the businesses indexed as elements assets (Rhino platforms for instance) were into bankruptcy for a decade, and it does not even deal with the A3 flattop configuartion that's the common nowadays. it's seen that the e-book is simply a reprint of whatever from circa 1987 with out re-editing ro re-writing.

Finally, the various chapters simply learn as one substantial commercial for this corporation or that product, very like the present articles in lots of gun magazines. it really is seen Duncan lengthy gave sparkling experiences of goods in alternate at no cost samples of these products.

In brief, this e-book is a waste of cash. If no longer for the very fact it was once a gift i'd most likely toss it out. in order to know about the AR-15 there are lots of much better resources in print and on the internet.

Pattern-Welded Blade: Artistry In Iron

Even if the contents appear to convey the message by means of this grasp bladesmith, the variation of the e-book, it truly is designs and photographs in black & white that lack distinction, left me insatisfied. probably a subsequent variation might be capable of conquer this. nice booklet!

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The Pantsyr-S1 short-range mobile allweather air defence gun/missile system is capable of engaging targets by a combined fire of artillery and missile weapons. The system is highly autonomous as regards combat operation in automatic cycle. The combat vehicle is mounted on tracked chassis and has a jam-resistant integrated radar/optical weapons control system. The CV can fire missiles and guns when on the move. The training assets include mobile and classroom-based simulators. Each CV has a satellite navigation system, air conditioning system, electric power supply system, voice and data communications, meteorological, and combat operation recording equipment.

1 – transceiver; • vehicle No. 2 – control and datalink equipment and operators’ workstations; • vehicle No. 3 – diesel-electric power plant with two diesel generators; • vehicles Nos 4 and 5 – trailers to carry antenna systems and an SPTA set. The radar has an all-weather capability and R O S O B O R O contents N E X P O R T 45 contents PROTIVNIK-GE SURVEILLANCE RADARS Track Data Processing Radar Mission Features The Protivnik-GE 3D decimetric-waveband track data processing radar is designed to detect, determine coordinates and track strategic and tactical aircraft, ASALM-type missiles, small-size low-speed aircraft; classify and identify them as friend or foe; to take bearings of jamming sources; to designate targets to fighter aircraft and air defence missile systems.

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